Food safety – Sealing: The weak link

Sealing is a critical control point in food security that is sometimes difficult to master, so full inspection via vision systems tends to be required on production lines

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Food wastage: Vision control is used to curb scrap

A study conducted by the European Community in 2010* showed that 39% of foodstuffs were unnecessarily lost each year in production plants. This initial estimate, which will need confirmation by additional studies, poses not only the question of the role that manufacturers can and want to play in reducing food waste, but also that of increased competitiveness which could be generated by minimising their losses.
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Safety: packaging still has a lot more to offer

In terms of safety two product categories are the subject of particular attention from consumers and public authorities: food products and pharmaceuticals. And while having already significantly contributed to reduce risk factors in the past, when it comes to implementing new regulations for these product categories, packaging is once again at the forefront. Read more