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ALL4PACK 2016 – Virtual Packaging Line

French packaging OEMs integrate virtual reality and augmented reality to their offering French manufacturers of packaging machines and their suppliers joined their forces within the Virtual Packaging Line project, initiated by GEPPIA, with a common goal : increase their competitiveness and offer better services by using virtual reality and augmented reality in their future developments. […]

Food wastage: Vision control is used to curb scrap

A study conducted by the European Community in 2010* showed that 39% of foodstuffs were unnecessarily lost each year in production plants. This initial estimate, which will need confirmation by additional studies, poses not only the question of the role that manufacturers can and want to play in reducing food waste, but also that of […]

Safety: packaging still has a lot more to offer

In terms of safety two product categories are the subject of particular attention from consumers and public authorities: food products and pharmaceuticals. And while having already significantly contributed to reduce risk factors in the past, when it comes to implementing new regulations for these product categories, packaging is once again at the forefront.

Packaging processes: increasingly performant and flexible

With the evolution of consumer goods markets, manufacturers have to adapt to irregular business cycles and shorter production series without increasing their manufacturing costs or delivery times. Fully aware that excellence is more than ever expected on packaging lines, machinery manufacturers are developing news solutions that combine productivity and flexibility.

An American’s stance on global packaging trends

Pat Reynolds VP / Editor Packaging World Each geographical zone, whether it be Asia, Europe or North America, dictates its priorities based upon consumer habits, the weight of state in the economy and how much the companies invest in innovation. The packaging industry is no exception; each zone pushes the industry to progress in specific […]

Innovation is the key to increasing industrial competitiveness

Jean-Camille Uring President of SYMOP (French Association for Manufacturing Machine and Technologies), a member of FIM (French Federation of Mechanical Industries) Integrating technology in manufacturing is one of the pillars of industrial competitiveness. It enables the industry to respond to the fundamental market requirements : quality, flexibility and sustainability. A company that neglects its production tools […]

Packaging, a key vector of innovation

Philippe Thuvien Packaging & Development Director L’Oréal Packaging and design are now key vectors of innovation in the world of cosmetics, especially in the current global economic environment which calls for faster innovation processes, in line with the macro-economic trends. Cosmetic companies must innovate more and faster in order to remain competitive.