Pascal de Guglielmo

pascal-de-guglielmoA high school dropout, Pascal de Guglielmo has become an expert in designing and building packaging and processing machinery. Read more

Florence Bertaux

florence-bertauxFlorence Bertaux holds a Technical Degree (BTS) in International Business and is a graduate of ESSEC’s Executive Master in Marketing Management. Read more

Henri Saporta

henri-saportaA graduate from the IPJ school of Journalism, Henri Saporta manages the editions of Emballages Magazine, Plastiques et Caoutchoucs Magazine and France Graphique. Read more

Jean-Marc Doré

jean-marc-doreA business school graduate, Jean-Marc Doré begins his career in 1974 at Usinor and joins the press industry in 1875, working for Emballages Magazine and other publications. He then creates his own agency, Technimedia, specialised in B to B, and more specifically in packaging. Read more

Arnaud Rolland

arnaud-rollandArnaud Rolland, Sustainable Development of Coca-Cola Entreprise, 42 years old, with a Nice Business School Master’s Degree, started his career in the retail industry, then in consumer surveying. Read more

Richard Mallett

richard-mallettRichard Mallett is a microbiologist and food safety professional with 25 years of experience within the food industry. Read more

Daniel Magnin

daniel-magninAged 47, David Magnin lives in Switzerland.
A Mecanics and Energy Systems graduate from the Lausanne Federal School of Polytechnics, he has 20 years experience in the food industry, 18 in packaging engineering, 16 of which were spent at Nestlé. Read more

Annette Freidinger-Legay

annette-freidinger-legayAnnette Freidinger-Legay, International Packaging Expert, Conference speaker, is an engineer from the ENSAIA school. Read more

Fabrice Peltier

fabrice-peltierArtist and designer, Fabrice Peltier studied at the Ecole Estienne in Paris between 1980 and 1983. Read more

Pierre-Yves Berthe

pierre-yves-berthePierre-Yves Berthe, Mecapack’s Equipment Division Managing Director (Proplast Group), graduated from the Louvin Catholic University in Business Administration. Read more

Pierre-Etienne Hannecart

pierre-etienne-hannecartA graduate from the Compiègne ESCOM school (Organic and Mineral Chemistry Engineering school), Pierre-Etienne Hannecart has 32 years experience in packaging, including 25 years in the Nestlé R&D and Operations departments. Read more