Pascal de Guglielmo

pascal-de-guglielmoA high school dropout, Pascal de Guglielmo has become an expert in designing and building packaging and processing machinery. In 1969 he designs the first automatic fabric priming machines, followed in 1971 by the first disposable diaper machines. In 1974 he takes part, as an employee, in setting up Creta Engineering. In 1982 he is appointed the company’s Technical Manager.

In 1988 he is hired Newtec to be their R&D Manager. In 1989 he takes part in creating Algora Engineering, and in 1992 Aries Packaging. During his carreer he is awarded the Champagne-Ardenne Chamber of Commerce «Prix Espoir» (1995), the INPI award (1996 and 1998), the French Entrepreneur Prize in the manufacturing category (2003), the Harvard Business School Self-Made-Man Victory (2003).

In 1999 he develops robot-operated high speed packaging lines. In 2000 he acquires Cetra Engineering.

Having retired in 2008, he sets up Champagne-Ardenne Angels on the Aube High Tech Business Center in 2009 and becomes consultant in industrial engineering. In 2010 he participates in the set up of Synerlink, the Engineering division of Arcil.

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