Fabrice Peltier

fabrice-peltierArtist and designer, Fabrice Peltier studied at the Ecole Estienne in Paris between 1980 and 1983.He sets up the P’Référence brand agency in 1985. End 2011 he sells the agency to Diadeis, the leading French packaging manufacturer, having designed over 10,000 consumer good packages for small business and multinationals over the period. Fabrice Peltier now works as a consultant for Diadeis and other companies in the packaging industry. He hasn’t given up designing unique furniture and decoration pieces.
Fabrice Peltier is acknowledged as a packaging design expert who focuses on sustainability. He is a seasoned keynote speaker and contributor to multiple professional magazines.
Currently President of the French Design Packaging Institute, he took part in creating it in 2003.
He sets up the Designpack Gallery in 2008, the first one that is open to the public, with a bookshop, a shop, exhibitions and a conference room. Next to the Louvre Museum in Paris he opens The Recycling Street, a permanent exhibit displaying best practices in packaging recycling.

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