Bruno Garnier

bruno-garnierHaving completed his art studies, Bruno Garnier works in advertising agencies specialized in graphic design for sixteen years.

Carrefour identifies the wide spectrum of his skills and hires him for the new position of Non-Food Packaging Manager for France in 1998. When Carrefour and Promodès merge in 2002 he takes over the entire non-food packaging range for the group.
He takes part in a number of project groups (in particular the new graphic charter designed in 2005), which leads him to being involved in the Carrefour packaging think tanks, that came up with the first «Carrefour Packaging white paper».

In 2009 Bruno Garnier decides to focus his career on packaging and sustainability. He realizes the issue is a priority for the company, its outlets, the manufacturers in the supply chain, the consumers and the environment as a whole. He joins the Carrefour Group’s Packaging team as Packaging Project Manager. In 2011 he is awarded, along with the Group’s Design, Marketing and Purchasing teams, for an internal contest lead by the Maud Fontenot foundation (second prize) for the Carrefour branded sandwich cartons.

Beginning of 2013 the Carrefour Group reorganizes the headquarters’ structure and Bruno Garnier is appointed Quality and Sustainability Packaging expert within the Quality and Development division.

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