Jean-Camille Uring


Jean-Camille Uring, 62, started his career in the Fives group in 1975 after graduating from the Paris Ecole Centrale. Fives is an engineering group with locations in close to 30 countries. Fives designs, manufactures and installs process equipments, production lines and turn-key plants for the large industrial players in the fields of aluminum, steel, automotive, aerospace and logistics, cement, energy and sugar production.
Jean-Camille Uring entered the group as an engineer with Heurtey Métallurgie (now called Fives Stein). As from 1984 he managed Fives Celes, specialized in induction heating and industrial cooling technologies. In 1998 he was appointed Manager of Fives Cinetic and developed the automated manufacturing systems division (machining, assembly, automation, handling).
Today Jean-Camille Uring is a member of the executive board of Fives. He has been reelected President of SYMOP (French Association for Manufacturing Machines and Technologies) for the second time. He also acts as Vice-President of the FIM (French Federation of Mechanical Industries) and Vice-President of CECIMO (European association of machine-tool manufacturers).

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