Vincent Ferry

vincent-ferryVincent Ferry is a design engineer with a keen interest in packaging ever since his engineering studies, when he invented the garbage bag with a draw string. He works at Mars for eighteen years in the pet food division. During that period he introduces the unit dose meal pack for cats in 1994 and turns Sheba into a premium brand with the creation of the dome-shaped containers in 2004.

He is since 2006 Packaging Manager of Danone Research, managing a team of 5 people and representing 5 billion consumer units throughout 5 manufacturing facilities. His assignment, along with his team’s, is to participate in optimizing the current packaging solutions and create new ones.
He works closely with all the company’s services and its suppliers.Vincent Ferry is a visionary who finds the perfect balance between four aspects of packaging innovation: creating perceived value-added, optimizing operational feasibility and cost efficiency, as well as protecting competitive advantages in the long run. He considers himself a « packaging architect » rather than a « designer ».
He has a particular gift for bringing up leading edge ideas that are often misunderstood but eventually are applied far beyond their initial scope.

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